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Fiji 3 – 2 New Caledonia

Fidji / Nouvelle-Calédonie – Le fil du match ci-dessous (en anglais, via le site de l’OFC)
Fiji: 1. Tevita KOROI [GK], 2. Antonio TUIVUNA, 3. Praneel NAIDU, 4. Jale DRELOA (c), 5. Rusiate MATAREREGA, 6. Kolinio SIVOKI, 8. Setareki HUGHES,10. Junior RAO, 12. Ratu NAKALEVU, 15. Napolioni QASEVAKATINI, 16. Sakaraia NAISUA
Substitutes: 7. Vineel NAIDU, 9. Manasa NAWAKULA, 13. Jone SALAUNEUNE, 14. Josaia MASIWINI, 17. Ravinesh DASS,18. Tomasi TUICAKAU, 19. Temesi TUWAI, 20. Senirusi BOKINI [GK]
Coach: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]
New Caledonia: 1. Anthony AJAPUHNYA, 2. Ernest MAPERI, 4. Jean-Brice WADRIAKO (c), 5. Aquilas WAHNAPO, 7. Ben MALAKAI, 9. Bernard WAELUA, 10. Jordy XALITE, 11. Stephane TEIN-PADOM, 13. Jean-Pierre BOB, 15. Geordy GONY, 17. Bernard STREIFF
Substitutes: 3. Matthieu PATRITTI, 6.Fonzy RANCHAIN, 8. Michel WASSIN, 16. Renaldo NONMEU, 18. David WADRA, 19. Louis WAIA, 20. Emmanuel HNASSON [GK]
Coach: Matthieu DELCROIX [NCL]
Match officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
Assistant Referee 1: Mark RULE [NZL]
Assistant Referee 2: Jackson NAMO [SOL]
4th Official: Gerald OIAKA [SOL]
The match kicks off
2′ Fiji has an early chance from a free kick knocked clear
4′ Possession has been shared in these early stages
5′ Fiji captain Jale Dreola looked to be through but a free kick is given for New Caledonia
7′ There’s a tussle in the Fiji box before Bernard Streiff sends it wide for New Caledonia
9′ GOAL!!! Fiji 1-0 New Caledonia Ratu Nakalevu scores for Fiji after keeper Anthony Ajapuhnya fumbles the initial shot
12′ Fiji keeper Tevita Koroi knocks the ball over the goal line for a corner
16′ Streiff is sent up the right and its cleared for a throw in
18′ A long ball is sent towards Ravinesh Dass but it’s easily picked up by Ajapuhnya
19′ A chance for Jordy Xalite but it goes over the cross bar
21’Ratu Nakalevu looks to be through for Fiji but New Caledonia captain Jean-Brice Wadriako is back to clean up
23′ Dreola makes a clearance tackle on Bernard Waelua on the left flank
25′ Sakaraia Naisua’s crossed is easily captured by Ajapuhnya
27′ Naisua gets a second chance this time finding the feet of Napolioni Qasevakatini who sends his shot flying over the crossbar
28′ GOAL!!! Fiji 1-1 New Caledonia Waelua capitalises on a defender error to send the ball flying into the back of the net
30′ Xalite’s shot is blocked right on the edge of the box and Fiji begins a counter attack
31′ Tein Padom has a run up the left after Fiji’s corner is punched clear by Ajapuhnya, but his cross is too deep going straight into the hands of Koroi
33′ GOAL!!! Fiji 2-1 New Caledonia Rusiate Matarerega scores from a free kick giving Fiji the lead
35′ Qasevakatini is caught offside for Fiji
36′ Tein Padom’s free kick deflects off the wall and is an easy take for Koroi
39′ Matarenga and Aquilas Wahnapo tussle in the New Caledonia half and Wahnapo earns a free kick
41′ Tein Padom’s corner glances wide off the head of Wadriako
43′ GOAL!!! Fiji 3-1 New Caledonia Matarerega gets his second after breaking through the New Caledonia defence and firing home
45′ Gerody Gony has his shirt pulled earning a free kick for New Caledonia but its cleared
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
48′ New Caledonia pass the ball up the field until it comes to Tein Padom who has his shot blocked
49′ Streiff picks up an injury for New Caledonia and is stretchered off the pitch to receive treatment
52′ SUBSTITUTION: Renaldo Nonmeu replaces the injured Streiff for New Caledonia
54′ Ratu Nakalevu recieves treatment for Fiji and moves off the field to receive treatment
55′ Xalite’s free kick is tipped over for a corner
56′ SUBSTITUTION: Josaia Masiwini replaces the injured Nakalevu
58′ Wadriako makes a huge save to stop the dangerous advance of Qasevakatini on goal
60′ Wadriako is again there to block two more shots from Qasevakatini and New Caledonia counter
63′ Koroi comes out off his line to catch an aerial ball and clears it
64′ SUBSTITUTION: Sakaraia Naisua makes way for Manasa Nawakula for Fiji
65′ SUBSTITUTION: Fonzy Ranchain replaces Geordy Gony for New Caledonia
67′ Wadriako heads a free kick high over the goal to clear it for a corner
69′ Waelua’s free kick at the other end goes well high of the cross bar
71′ Referee Kader Zitouni has words with Waelua following a tackle on Fiji defender Koli Sivoki
72′ Masiwini heads a powerful shot just wide of the upright
74′ Ranchain steals possession for his side and makes a run for goal
75′ SUBSTITUTION:Jean-Pierre Bob is replaced by Michel Wassin for New Caledonia
77′ Fiji make a run on goal but their two shots are cleared by Ajapuhnya and his defence
78′ Nasawala looks to have sent Nakalevu through but the linesman catches him offside
79′ SUBSTITUTION:Fiji replace Setareki Hughes with Vineel Naidu
81′ Ernest Maperi crosses to Nonmeu who sends his shot wide
82′ The New Caledonia defence mistimes the bounce of the ball and are lucky as Matarerega sends it over the crossbar
84′ Nonmeu sends a shot well wide of the Fiji goal following a corner
85′ YELLOW CARD: Fiji captain Jale Dreola is cautioned for a challenge on Tein Padom on the edge of the box
88′ GOAL!!! Fiji 3 New Caledonia 2 Captain Wadriako heads home a Wassin corner for New Caledonia
90′ Three minutes of additional time will be played
90′ + 2′ A swift counter attack from New Caledonia but Xalite’s shot is easily picked up by Koroi
The final whistle is blown

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